Freitag, 26. November 2010

Life long tragedy

Remember those talks on the lonely roads where we spilled our hearts while we headed home?
It’s because of those nights that we grew so close.
I know our bond is stronger than most.
The most profound things
I’ve ever heard came from half-awake kids that never had their turn. And I felt the same way,
so we could all relate with misfortune and what it takes out of ourselves.
This has taken so much out of me.
Fucking drained, running on empty.
Stomach in knots, begging to be free.
I drown it all out so I can finally breathe.
And I’ll ask myself, where will this road lead?
Fell down and picked back up, destined for anything.
And I’ll ask myself, where will this road lead?
I just need to know…Where the fuck will we end up?
Where will this road lead? Is this our destiny?
Right now, time stands still.
This is all that I believe.

Ich wünsch euch allen ein wunderschönes, angenehm weihnachtliches Wochenende & einen schönen 1. Advent.


  1. krass Danke! :) Mir ist sind danach einfach ca. 1000 Liter Wasser aus´er Nase gelaufen und die hat sich angefühlt als würde sie mir gleich einfach abfallen. Hölle...aber was nimmt man nicht alles auf sich ;)